south shore rises

(Image: the words “CPD murdered Harith Augustus)

I been quiet, but I been busy:

On July 14th Harith Augustus, aka Snoop, was murdered by CPD. He was a barber, a family man, a staple of the community.

Hours later, I walked to where people gathered on 71st and Jeffrey to stand with my neighborhood as they mourned and demanded justice. A moment of mourning quickly turned into CPD enacting violence on people. After running for my own safety, I watched CPD attack people with batons, chase them, and violently arrest them. I saw cops bearing assault riffles, all too eager to end it sooner rather than later.

I’ve been facing off with militarized cops since the anti-war movement of the early 2000s. This was the first time in 12 years I was afraid of losing my life for doing nothing more than witnessing people coming together to express their grief and outrage.

But despite my fear, south shore held it down. People looked out for each other, protected each other. I was shaken, but not deterred.

The days since have been filled with community meetings, marches, and iA if my knees have strength a vigil on Wednesday night.

Let it be known, South Shore made it clear: police are not welcome here. Police are not part of the vision this community has for its healing, renewal, and growth.


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